Dog Days of Summer

For dogs the best days are those of summer. Why do you ask? Summer is when the small humans are home from school and have all day to play with them. It's also when doggie parents go on outdoor adventures with their furry friends the most.

There isn't anything better to a dog than having tons of attention. Although this dog doesn't look sure he likes the attention he's getting in the photo above (he secretly does).

At Pine Canyon last weekend dogs were honored by their owners with a special event called "Dog Days of Summer". The evening started out with a doggie parade where we got to see dogs and puppies shown off by their owners. The rest of the night consisted of food, drinks and fundraising for Paw Placement.

We were lucky enough to get to participate in this event with our photo booth. The humans and their canine companions loved taking photos together.

Attention hog alert! This pup wouldn't even let their human in the photo!

We especially loved being involved with this event because it was a fundraiser for one of our favorite organizations, Paw Placement of Northern Arizona.

Paw Placement of Northern Arizona is a 501(c)(3) organization advocating for modern, effective animal welfare programs and services to meet the needs of our community. They provide numerous initiatives, including a community resource information phone line, low cost spay and neutering services, financial assistance for emergency vet services and more.

Paw Placement 2.0 is currently responding to a request for proposal being issued jointly by the City of Flagstaff and Coconino County to operate the regional animal shelter. Their goal is that no animal will be euthanized for lack of time, space, or resources, or because they suffer from a treatable condition. Find out more about how you can support their mission here!

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