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Here are some cool tricks the Reflection Photo Booth has to offer!

Take the guest book at your wedding to a new level by using the Reflection Photo Booth to customize one for you! Guests can take a photo and personally sign or put a message on it. This is a fun and interactive way for your guests to leave you a little message or congratulations along with a photo memory! The photos can then be made into a booklet and the memories will last a lifetime.

Aside from weddings, the photo booth is also a fun and exciting addition to your prom, formal or banquet! Use it for any theme by taking

advantage of the different animations the photo booth can create. I once had a formal with my sorority that had a theme of “The Oscars” and this photo booth would have been perfect for it. I can picture the photo booth staged with a red carpet leading up to it. You could also use it as a green screen to take a photo with that celebrity you’ve always liked. Or add a custom backdrop to help glamourize the theme. How perfect would this have been for my sorority’s formal?

Say that you are having a corporate event and want to advertise the brand logo. The photo booth can upload that logo and add it to the pictures that the guests take! Talk about a good way to advertise.

Let’s just say that this isn’t just any old photo booth, its high tech!

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